1. Do you offer samples?

Yes, we do. We can send generic samples to you upon request.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Currently, we ship our items internationally (Outside the New Zealand).

3. Do you have recyclable gift boxes?

Yes we do! All of our products which are available from our eco-friendly recyclable options to choose from based on materials. Our eco-friendly ranges of products are all recyclable, reusable and the products are carried out in such a way that energy consumption is minimized. Explore our range to improve the sustainability of your business.

4. Can I customize the finishing on the boxes?

Yes you can. We have numerous prints such as silk screen, pattern silk screen, fish eye, 3D emboss, glow in the dark, frost plastic, paper carving and more. However, for our rigid boxes, we would suggest silk screen and stamping for the best outcome. Whatever you need, we’ll get our experienced consultant to assist you.

5. I am worried that my items will be damaged during shipping. Do the rigid boxes ensure security of my items?

Yes. The structural integrity of rigid boxes not only enhances the customer’s experience, it also protects the retail merchandise during shipping or transportation of any kind. The high-quality material used in our rigid boxes are designed for style and function; the sturdy exterior and secure-fitting lid serve for a snug fit with room to decorate. Moreover, you may also request a magnetic lock for extra protection. Our rigid boxes can be created with custom inserts using various materials to protect whatever is inside while maintaining a sleek structure.

6. What is the minimum order?

In general our minimum order quantity is between 5 thousand to 10 thousand units. Because we are a custom manufacturer we can quote any size order. However, lesser are generally hand-made which means higher labor costs. As with all manufacturing higher quantities = lower unit costs. Most box constructions require a certain amount of order quantity to be machine run due to set-up required.


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